Overland Christian Church - Preschool

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Due to Covid 19 we are remaining temporarily closed.  This decision will be reviewed in the Summer of 2021 by the Preschool Governing Board.

Welcome to Overland Christian Church Preschool/Daycare. We are pleased that you have chosen us to assist in the care and the education of your child. It is our goal to work jointly with the parent on the child's total development.

 At Overland Christian Church Preschool/Daycare your child will learn the importance of God in his life, and he will learn to respect the beliefs of others.

Appropriate emphasis is placed upon the social, emotional and physical development of the child to encourage a better understanding of himself and his society.

We understand that your child's future is of great importance to you. The kind of person your child will become is determined, in part, by the environment.

Our goal is to develop self-confidence in children through the praise approach.This involves rewarding the children for any and all achievement. We believe this process should begin as soon as your child is capable of understanding and should continue throughout the child's life. After a certain period this becomes part of the child's personality and they become guided primarily from within rather than from without. Every child can be productive and this is conveyed in daily experiences together.

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